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Nursing Research

The scope of nursing research can be systematized on three levels:

  1. The micro-level (nursing practice)
  2. The meso-level (nursing as organization and institution)
  3. The macro-level (societal structures of nursing care)

Additionally, nursing research deals with historical, political and educational topics related to the nursing profession.

In its early years, the Department of Nursing Science primarily focused on establishing the discipline of Nursing Science at the University of Vienna. Since this has been achieved (as evidenced in the formation of the regular Master’s program and the Doctoral program), the emphasis can now be focused on the development of research. This is firstly to support the development of an independent scientific profile of Nursing Science, on the other hand to promote the interdisciplinary integration of Nursing Science. It is furthermore important to fulfill the societal mission of Nursing Science as a practical science. Three research areas should be promoted at the Department of Nursing Science in the future (or have already been established through completed research projects and such underway). 

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