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Department of Nursing Science

The Department of Nursing Science was founded in 2005 and is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Nursing Science encompasses research on the impact of illness, disease and disability on daily life, the effects and the effectiveness of nursing interventions, and on the determination of influencing factors and context conditions of "good" nursing practice (Brandenburg/Dorschner 2003). 

As in Austria Nursing Science is a relatively young and therefore slowly emerging scientific discipline, the mission of the Department of Nursing Science is manifold. There are three main emphases of the Department of Nursing Science:

  • developing main research areas and the conducting research projects
  • developing curricula, teaching, and organizing of all the teaching-related matters
  • general work for the nursing profession and nursing care policies

The Department of Nursing Science is therefore - besides teaching and general scientific work - also involved in establishing Nursing Science in Austria through 

  • the contribution of Nursing Science to the health and politics relating discussion
  • the development of scientific excellence in teaching and research related to "living with illness" and "nursing interventions"
  • the development of educational concepts for nursing at the university
  • a reinforced dialogue between university and nursing practice
  • reinforced contribution to interdisciplinary scientific projects to integrate the perspectives of Nursing Science, in particular person and society related themes regarding health and illness, to the scientific discourse.

More detailed information is available in the German version.

Department of Nursing Science
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