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Academic-Practice Partnership (APP)

Rudolfinerhaus (Private Hospital GmbH und Campus) & University of Vienna (Department of Nursing Science)

Scientific team (University of Vienna):

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Hanna Mayer (Principal investigator)

Mag. Johanna Breuer (Scientific staff)

Sponsor: Rudolfiner-Society - Red Cross

Timeframe: January 2015 until December 2020  


An Academic-Practice Partnership (APP) is a strategic tool aiming to merge research, teaching and practice. In January 2015, an APP was established between the Rudolfinerhaus (Private Hospital GmbH and Campus) and the University of Vienna (Department of Nursing Science).

The newly founded APP aims to promote anchoring of scientific evidence in clinical practice and to deepen and intensify the existing cooperation between the Rudolfinerhaus and the Department of Nursing Science. The APP acts as a platform for the joint development of projects and activities that enables patients and their families to cope with everyday life, to deal with their disease and to promote their health.


Projects of the Academic-Practice Partnership:

Department of Nursing Science
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